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Digital Legacy and Estate Administration: Managing Online Assets

In the digital age, our lives have become intricately intertwined with technology. This raises a novel set of challenges for estate planning and administration. Have you put thought into what happens to your digital assets when you pass away? How will your family deal with your online accounts? 

Digital legacy and estate administration have emerged as essential components in modern estate planning strategies. As individuals accumulate vast digital footprints, including social media accounts, digital assets, and online accounts, the need to address these aspects in one's estate plan has become crucial. Online Probate specialises in the digital administration of estates. Our probate specialists can draft Wills and instructions that outline your wishes regarding your digital assets and help your family deal with them after you’re gone.  


What Is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is any form of content, information, or value that is stored electronically. A digital asset can be your email accounts, social media profiles, and digital photos. Digital assets can also take the form of cryptocurrencies and online financial accounts. These assets hold significance due to their personal, sentimental, or financial value. 


How We Can Help

It can be stressful and traumatic for loved ones to deal with digital assets after a family member has passed away. Managing digital assets after death is crucial to ensure that one's online presence is handled according to your wishes, prevent potential identity theft, preserve cherished memories, and facilitate the seamless transfer of financial resources to loved ones.


Online Probate can assist you in making plans to manage your digital accounts when you’re gone. Our team can assist your loved ones in avoiding the trauma, stress, and inconvenience of managing the digital assets of a person who has departed. We can assist you with all aspects of digital legacy planning, from storing passwords to drafting instructions for your executors. We offer personalised services, throughout England and Wales, that aim to ease the burden on your family and help you prepare for the future. 


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